Etiquettes To Keep In Mind While Attending A Burlesque Show

It’s the evening time and the city is in its glow thanks to the eye – popping lights of different shades. You are about to enter a show that also has the good guys and girls of the city. But before you reach the dance hall that is always dimly lit, make sure you follow some etiquette than can make the overall experience pleasant for you and for the performers as well.

This is not a strip club

Keep this in mind always! The burlesque shows in Melbourne have been instrumental in providing one of the most engaging entertainments in America and they are fun although sometimes a bit over the top. The performers may be insanely attractive in appearance, but they are also creative in what they do. They usually spend a lot of time in rehearsals and perfecting the costumes, so, expect a good show but no obscenity.

Show that you are having fun, but in limits

A Burlesque show is unlike any other opera performance. The performers expect you to be interactive and if you are enjoying the show, make sure to hoot to your heart’s content. Express to them, the amazing stuff you are experiencing, but in this process; do not blast out obscene words or inappropriate gestures at them. The performers are on the stage for a reason and they are not going to meet any of your demands.

Bring sufficient cash

Although the society is becoming increasingly cashless, some traditional burlesque shows do not accept debit or credit cards. Make it easy for them by heading to an ATM and drawing the required amount of cash. Some shows may even allow you to give tip the performer, but make sure to check for the rules and regulations for each of them. Do not go to the stage and tip without the approval of the MC.

Don’t simply click the pictures

Have you ever attended great circus tents in Australia and asked to leave just because you were clicking a selfie? The same thing is to be expected of the burlesque shows. Obviously, it is tempting to click some since the performance is amazing and the show is fabulous, but there are some rules to go to the place which has to be complied with no matter what.

Mingle enough to be in limits

Almost at every show, there will be a session before and after the event where you can meet up with the performers and share your thoughts with them. Appreciate for the work they have done, and do not be the guy or girl who will simply put them down for fun.

There it is, so these are the tips you must follow so that you can enjoy your next show!